Donation made: Curt White Fundraiser in Oceanside, CA

Last week, my cousin forwarded me an email from a friend of a friend who has organized an auction/shopping party to raise money for the family of a three and a half year old boy who has cancer.

Curt had surgery on August 13th to remove the grapefruit size tumor on his right kidney, as well as his kidney and the lymph nodes in the area. He has a large scar on his stomach that we call his "shark bite". He has had seven treatments of radiation done at UCSD which he finished like a champ. Curt is now going to Rady Children's Hospital for weekly chemotherapy treatments. Each day is a new challenge with his fight against cancer but this little boy brings a new meaning to strength.

Friends of Curt's family are seeking donations of products that people will want to buy as holiday gifts. "Perfect," I thought. Caring Corners is allowing me to give away a Mrs. Goodbee Interactive Dollhouse and this will be a great destination for it.

I also looked amongst the products that Heather has been sent by PR firms and found a cute Mopsy doll that is perfect for a young baby. (Thanks Kids Preferred!)

And, I threw in a copy of The Rookie Mom's Handbook
too. Items at all price points are needed, the auction organizer told me.

I sent these items to the auction organizer, Michelle, in Carlsbad, CA. I hope they can make a contribution to the funds that Curt's family needs to pay for his medical expenses.

So, bloggers, whenever you hear of a fundraiser, dig deeper to find out if any door prizes or auction items are needed!

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Jeff said...

Hello -

I saw a flyer for this fundraiser at a Starbuck's in Carlsbad, and the story touched me deeply. I'd like to reach out to the auction organizers (Michelle?) to see if there's anything additionally I can do. Can you please either post her email address on your blog or send it to me at freeboysdad@yahoo.com?

Thanks, Jeff