Cycle 4 Survival Sponsorship

Two weeks ago I helped coordinate a sattelite event of the New York-based Cycle 4 Survival cancer fundraiser. My friends Jennifer and Dave Linn are the founders of Cycle 4 Survival and when they asked us to do a similar event in the Bay Area, I thought it would be fun to have goodie bags and a raffle for the participants.

We raised more than $7000 amongst 12 people with only 3 weeks of notice. Go us!

And, I used my connections with companies with whom I've built relationships.

Quirk Books
Clif Bar

I asked these guys to contribute to the event by donating product for a raffle and for goody bags and they came through. Hooray!

The moral of the story is that it never hurts to ask. When bloggers are offered free product, why should they not ask for one for every family in their preschool, every participant in the bike ride they are organizing, or every women's shelter in their town. It will only result in MORE POSITIVE WORD OF MOUTH for the brand who has reached out to the blogger. And isn't that what they're after?

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