Three Mommy Bloggers Give Back

My BFF Heather sent me links to three mommy bloggers (sorry to whomever is offended by that label) who shared stories about paying it forward.

Christina, whom I've met in person, of A Mommy Story, received $100 in the mail anonymously and used part of it to buy diapers and formula for babies whose mama's are strugging. Rock on, Christina!

Christine and Jessica
made Christmas magic happen with a Walmart giveaway that turned into an opportunity for someone else to put their Santa hat on. I love this because I think generosity is contagious.

Her Bad Mother did exactly what I was hoping to read about bloggers doing. Took a bunch of the stuff she had been sent for giveaway and promotional purposes and gave it away, not as reader prizes, but instead to Toy Drive destinations. And, she asked her readers to shout out their charities of choice.

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