Gerber helps me give back

As part of an effort to accomplish more philanthropically for our household, I am currently hosting a food drive. I have been a supporter of The Alameda County Food Bank for many years, but this year I thought I should do even more. Maybe I was inspired by Obama or maybe I just didn't want to let another year slip away and hear my husband say that we are just so lucky and we don't do enough for other people who aren't.

Anyhow, it couldn't be easier, so I want to encourage other people to do it. Simply contact the Alameda County Food Bank through their web site and arrange to have a canister dropped off at your house or work place. Then, spread the word.

I have already emailed my neighborhood list, and I need to now work on my preschool community and my Moms Group.

Gerber has donated baby food for me. And, it's from their line of foods with DHA added, so it's extra healthy. Yay!

This is a wonderful lesson for children around Thanksgiving. Teaching social responsibility is a big job, but we are all signed up for it. Please let me know how you'll be teaching social responsibility at your house this year.

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