Donation Made: GearHead Mom Gives Back in Oakland

Missy, the publisher of GearHead Mom, reviews trendy baby and kid products. She took her almost-four-year old daughter with her to donate a Caring Corners Dollhouse to Bananas, Inc in Oakland.

We walked in and Sy literally started to dance in the halls; she was so excited to give the dollhouse away. She shouted to the employees that she was there to give this toy to a child who didn’t have any toys. The woman at the desk was kind enough to explain to her what was going to happen and Sy was just completely geeked out. She talked about it all day. I told her that going forward we’ll take all of her old clothes and toys there, so that she can always give back to the city we live in. She thought that was a fine idea, although she balked at the idea of going home and cleaning out her toys (baby steps, right?).

This was just another reminder of how much a three year old understands. We take things to Goodwill all the time, but I think this was the first time Sy felt connected to what we were donating. It was a much more tangible event since we actually saw people picking things up, as opposed to the vortex of a Goodwill truck. I like giving back to the community with Sy along for the ride; opportunities like this remind me how easy it is to teach my kiddos to be pint-sized social justice warriors.

Many thanks to Caring Corners for allowing us to donate a generous toy and helping my daughter learn something new about her growing world.

Well done, Missy!

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